Location Location Location

Where do you live psychologically?  In Poverty of Lack? In Riches of Abundance? In Weakness of Bad Health? In Strength of Divine Vigilance? Our bodies the temples of our soul’s wonders… Location, Location, Location States upon States upon States So Where do you want to live? If you don’t like where you live physiologically, Relocate Act I: […]

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Death And Silence

Death Death is the rude awakening of a more cynical approach to folly or is it? What if the tides of spiritual movement was that of an orchestrated kind and not of one rooted in sin? Without cause, we travel the bands of life’s luxuries searching for a cure when it is always within that space of […]

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Thank You

In the presence of the Autumn Season of Thanks and Harvest, I personally wanted to give thanks for all those who have taken the time to read this post and the many other writings on this blog. Its been a wonderful experience writing and displaying my creative muse on this digital platform. I definitely have […]

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Offline Love

Weary souls are a living testimony of the endless means of recuperation from Love loss. If only we could re-bound from destruction as quickly as it comes on. Destiny is in our hands if we love as one and all for one. Why then should we even think of such things as unity and peace?  […]

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Happy Room

Stars aren’t us if we see a ferry like an ark taking us away from our dreams. Even in the midst of casual despair, our beautiful forms came in like a roaring lion cautiously secure and gentle like a dove. All of a sudden we came to realize that fate is not spoken in the area […]

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Down Low Occupations

Minor A kiss from you settles the heart into an intriguing riddle that only you know the answer to. Major Why yes my dear and that riddle is divine can’t you see the spark in your own soul begging to be free? Minor  Yes but…The task at hand is easier when you are close to […]

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