5 Great Ideas To Spark Your Creativity

All too often our creativity craves to reveal itself in various ways during our daily experiences. Whether you are a cook, carpenter, to a corporate employee or even an artist at some point expressing our creativity through innovative ideas or simply thoughtful imaginations are required to progressively manifest ideas onto this physical plane. In retrospect, […]

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Genius or Fools?

  Several high profile names including Elon Musk and ex-Googler, Anthony Levandowski, are on a quest to accelerate“technological singularity”, an evolutionary step in which humans merge with machines. Read More Here Daily Prompt-Source: Genius  

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Understanding The Leaf of Life

Every moment is a time of reflection. Seasons pass without you and my soul cries. Wanting more than ever to be together again. You exist now in my mind’s eye. Your presence appears to me in the realm of imagination guiding me on my way. My hope is someday we will be united in love again to […]

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Penchant Kings & Queens

Often times we can emerge attracted to what makes sense by our reason and then suddenly we come closer to desiring the fulfillment of a dream. This unshakable dream compels us daily to take hold of it to embrace a realm of uncertainty yet, delight. What then shall we do in this time of reflection? […]

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