The Vicious Kind


Its vicious, cruel, its injustice they say. Pain and Misery live in these streets. Its plain to see all the worry and fury about. Souls tainted, hearts are cold unwilling to retreat. The powerless Prowel about like snakes that sting. A vile breed they are, so vain and unforgiving. Thats the way theses wolves assemble together like a pack out for blood, they thirst.

I growel at their malicious attempts. In the pools of mischef I see a way so clear. Doubt vanishs and I know my call. I hunt for justice. I do not stop.My mission is that of compassion and my armor is peace. Fighting to help the weary at heart from their decieful lovers call.I linger in the darkness lighting a match and swiftly holding it up to see who I will catch.

Written by: Naomi Burrell

3 thoughts on “The Vicious Kind

  1. Easily enable something like acne permit these toxins to filter through, they could appear on my face erode my heart, threatening to
    show what is now calmer than ever in to a bodily and emotional mayhem I refuse to accept.

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