Dream Killer


“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”-Gloria Steinem

Our dreams enraptures the essence of our imagination. Even in our sleep our active mind subconsciously depicts images some of horror, some of delight. Yet, all in all our dreams can tell us something about ourselves about what we desire or dread.However,when we activate our conscious mind to dream while awake and actively participate in our visualizations with our senses, we can begin to practice a unique form of transformable creativity. In a sense our magnificent mindset can transform our reality and paint a picture of extraordinary achievement of anything we desire we want manifested into our reality.

The concept of dreaming and visions of achievement is a difficult concept for some to practice or to even grasp. Unfortunately, the endorsement of dreaming big or attempts at possessing dreams at all has been overshadowed by continued disappointment or a lack of belief in the powerful fordable resource of dreams or visualizations to recreate our reality.

Many times its our critical negative mindset that comes from an internal source or external sources that prevent us from reaching our goals and aspirations we dream about by believing in them.Our belief is what matters between seeing what we can’t see. For example, If you believe you are stupid which would be a negative affirmation you will begin to attract negative results into your reality.Hence,by believing your stupid you will begin to then gradually exhibit foolish behaviors.In turn other people will begin to think you lack intelligence by the behavior you demonstrate. Therefore,you won’t see any of what you might desire manifest because of your self defeating thoughts and behaviors.

However, what if you thought you were extremely intelligent? Even if your present state you didn’t present that fact if you believe that you are you will be. A bold claim but the results will be self evident. Taking the previous example of thinking your stupid what if you took a positive affirmation and began to believe you are very intelligent? Repeating over and over again until you believed your were smart from the bottom of your heart to the very depths of your soul. In fact not only you take it upon your self that you could be smart but that you were bold enough to proclaim to yourself, ‘I am smart.‘ This positive vibration will not come back to you void of positive results. Why? Because as you begin to think you are smart and speak it out you will be sending positive vibrations out that will come back to you with positive results.As you think and feel you are intelligent you begin to make more intelligent choices and begin to practice behaviors of an intelligent person.In turn others will begin to see you as intelligent or have confidence in your abilities and perhaps doors will begin to open for you never thought were possible.These negative and positive examples represent the duality of our mindset and the transformable power we have to create what we want to see in our reality.

Forevermore, in the quest to grapple with our dreams if we envision our dreams and believe they are happening and will happen we can be on the road towards seeing what we envision for our future manifest into our reality.

When we realize that there is a buffer between our dreams and when we actually see them manifested into our reality we will be more willing to practice patience and determination until they do.

Realizing how powerful our imagination and understanding the creative or destructive power of what we think of and the words we speak out is a valuable life changing concept to understand. The power of our minds and what we say can really shape our reality for better or for worse.

So carry on believe in what others may tell you is impossible. Crowd out all those voices of self doubt and critical commentary from your mind and remain optimistic, positive, and keep visualizing your aspirations as if they are presently happening.Stay determined keep dreaming, never stop.Never give up!

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