‘Cleopatra’ Series In The Works At Slingshot Global Media

'Cleopatra' by Henry Clive
Cleopatra’ by Henry Clive

‘Cleopatra’ Series In The Works At Slingshot Global Media.

It seems a renewed depiction of Cleopatra will emerge from this new proposed Cleopatra Series. Cleopatra’s character will go beyond simply presenting her appeal as a gravitational seductress. In the past Cleopatra’s exclusive role highlighted her seductive alluring influence which, became the identifiable trademark of this renown historical figures rise and fall of power.

As mentioned in Deadline, Cleopatra will,  follow the narrative of an 18-year-old girl who came to be a pharaoh and a queen – a woman who was brighter, more intelligent, richer and a better administrator and ruler than the men of her time. “

This new Cleopatra depiction will show a woman emerge to power in her time period and serving as a renown Egyptian Pharaoh and not simply a mindless seduceer.It seems this time around scripting will be devoted to presenting an innovative approach to Cleopatra’s strategic governance as she desperately attempts to preserve Egypt’s interests. It will be interesting to see how the series develops the interactions and experiences of the character of Cleopatra.

Will this series tank? Only time will tell but seems the proposed TV series, Cleopatra is definitely worth keeping on a watch list. When and if the series rolls out successfully a new historical perspective of Cleopatra on the screen will also ensue. Hopefully, Cleopatra’s renewed portrayal will resonate with viewing audiences.

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