Two Steps Forward


In reflection, of the concept that we have a divine imprint for creativity we can conclude that this revolutionary notion is a transformable equation that is relevant to the manifestation of our desires into our reality. With the realization that we are a part of a power greater than we are that returns back to humanity what we as creators project into our lives is an important concept to understand. Our  positive or negative beliefs, feelings, and spoken words all have the ability to render back with certainty the same emission it originates from.

In order to witness the change of circumstances in our lives, we have to accept that our collective consistent Beliefs, Feelings, and Words have the ability to affect our current reality.With this creative ability, we can use these powerful creative gifts to transform our reality into what we truly desire to receive from our experiences and interaction in life.

Are you ready to manifest what you desire and receive back what those positive results?

Now just sit back, roll up your selves, and just release your request with all the power of belief out into the universe towards the source of all creation. Now believe that you have already received and achieved what you desire to manifest presently, right now.Continue to match your feelings to your belief not only believing in what you desire presently exists for you now but, feel it with all your senses that it present with you. What does it feel like? It must feel great! Then speak it out. Let the vibrational tones radiate out from you with phrases such as  I am.. I have… Wow! You are on your way. Just like that your active participation to attract what you want to see manifest into your reality is done.There is nothing more needed from you, but patience. What you believe and feel have will manifest into your reality.

Why accept a reality you don’t want?

Life can become more enjoyable when you spend time actively participating sending positive vibrational signals to create a reality that you do want. This is not being delusional this is living knowing you have the divine imprint for creativity and you can render into your life a more fulfilling positive healthier lifestyle by believing in more for yourself.

Now with that covered relax and visualize with all your senses having what you desire presently.Use your God given imagination to create the reality you desire for yourself.Preferably spend time visualizing  in the evenings before sleep. Stop thinking of the worst possible outcomes and begin to visualize the best positive outcomes you want to see manifest into your reality.Let these visualizations marinate in your mind and slowly penetrate into you subconscious think tank.

The flow of your request is released out to the power greater than we are and in turn we will attract what you have released. Stay in alignment with the source. the source  of all that is and ever was and you will be on your way to receiving what it is you desire as these desires match with what is good and pure and profitable to not only to yourself but for the collective benefit of those around you.

Umm.. I  don’t physically see what I want right now? Where is my manifestation!? When will I see it in my reality?

Your manifestation is already there present in your vortex your realm of creativity. You may not see or experience what you have rendered into your current reality immediately, although sometimes this does occur sooner rather than later for others. However, you must believe you have received what you have released into the universe to the power that is greater than we are. Our divine resourceful creator and let it go.

Lastly, the grass is always greener where you water it. Spend time in gratitude with all that you currently have and have already received. Be content with what you already have and live your life with thankfulness because life is surely worth living. We are all on this vast journey through life together and we can live fulfilling lives without sinking into the depths of defeat, in the cesspools of self-pity, discouragement, or embracing negative comments of I can’t and I won’t statements.

May love fill your path with all that you desire that is good and pure and for the greater good of yourself and for the good of our collective society. May your eternal soul be filled with light, love, and forgiveness all of your days. Peace and blessings.

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