The Dance of Life


Our belief and the feelings associated with that belief has a strange way of manipulating the outcome of events and circumstances.

Therefore, Dwell in the end of your desire fulfilled.Believe it already exists feel as though you have already achieved that wish you desire and it will eventually manifest into your reality and become visible to others.

So soon after enter into the silence disregard all the obstacles, barriers, or difficulties of having your wish fulfilled.
Reject all feelings of hopelessness and impossibility of obtaining that which you desire. For if you truly believe and feel your desire is accomplished there is no yearning for it.

Deny all evidence of you senses and only use your senses to feel your desire achieved.Surrender to your wish. This process will not come back void to you as you begin to shape your reality.

We can spend too much time thinking and feeling the worst possible outcomes in life and then wonder why those imaginary acts  become facts. Sometimes our senses cloud or dim our belief and feeling of our desire fulfilled. Yet, if we switch our mindset we’ll switch our progress.

Hence, let us start thinking of the best possible outcomes instead of the worst so we can begin to live more happier productive lives. Peace and Blessings


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