The Light Within


Helping_the_homeless (2)

Looking around at the world,the hatred,mistreatment,war blood,abuse, homeless,and debt on the surface the world can look so gloomy, yet still I look deeper. I look deep within my heart, deep down within the innermost part of my soul and there I  catch that glimmer of hope.

My hope ignites with fervor with seeing a boy helping an elderly person cross the road, A woman offering food to those stricken in poverty, or a person  taking five minutes of their time to keep a homeless person company as they usually are lonely. This is where hope catches me. In the witness of these loving compassionate acts this is what inspires me with idea’s and a new way of thinking feeling.

Peace and Blessings to all. May the luminous great spirit within guide you to a wonderful existence of peace, love, and harmony this Holiday Season and always.

3 thoughts on “The Light Within

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