The Journey of Life


The nights watch. Darkness simmers in as the moon’s luminous gaze shines above. The earth remains still and wanting absorbing the light. Life’s breaths chant the symbol of the living from he ground. What then do we call this sweet symphony of livelihood divine? We call his living.

Life is worth living indeed even when tragedy strikes. Although, it can be difficult to see past the fog of pain we can endure this life always utilizing our imagination to achieve our wellness. Life can introduce gloom experiences that can lead us towards sadness and self doubt. Yet, from the dust and ashes of that ruin or loss the momentum of living can drum in pleasurable sounds of hope.

We can become slaves to the evidence of our senses or be determined in the assumption of a the fulfillment of every desire all through our own wonderful human imagination.

Movement, and the will to live can be sparked my a renewed imagination and belief of a life beyond the loss or sorrow.Despite the snag of troublesome times we can preserver knowing we still posses a gift of life.

Life is ride and can be a most wonderful adventure.As a human species we embrace a healthy productive society by allowing room to grow in love. Love makes every thing grow. Love like light casts our darkness and dispels hate. Hate penetrates the soul and breeds nothing but destruction. One can say Love then is the only state that keeps humans stable even through the darkness.

Beyond the doubt is a room full of truth and that room is within ourselves. Life can be lovely if we want it to be or a dreadful place based on our persecution of it and that of others.



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