via Daily Prompt: Maybe

Maybe our time is just a fusion of thought passed the wind. A fiction beyond an illusion a matrix beyond the seas.

The quest to reunite us to that foul play of indifference calls its fiery mates to indulge in nonsense. Yet the wise remain as always, listeners.

How then should we react to the spiral condemnation of our dreadful ways? Shall we retreat in solitude and forget our part? I most surely hope not.

Everyday is a new experience for us as travels to embark. Everyone plays their part and our states graze each other in formable attributes that can guarantee our success.

Often we bask in our failure forgetting who we are. Then in a moment deemed now some awaken to a great power. They fashionably awaken to the great power within that quenches the not factor.

The ‘I am’ and its purge on the human heart has done more to entice servitude than to unite the whole vast world into unity.

Every moment is a chance to take a breath beyond the confines of the soul and body.

With our imagination maybe we can envision a brighter day and a more prosperous tomorrow.


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