The Cusp of Rebirth

Joining the eager rates of motion towards the new can be eerie and frightening yet, truthfully enduring.

If history is calling back to us can we prevail the wrongs and create a new song?

On the cusp of decision making, choices become clear and consequences sustained resonate into our future as into the order of now.

Subjects relate to the equal and collaborative distribution of knowledge and of the intuitive sense that calls us to dine with the truth of our souls.

Death comes to the body, situation, to our relationships like a snake slithering for its prey.

However, when we see death we can now see renewal, death offers a transition and renewal that is often unknown to us in the dark deep abyss of our consciousness where doubt looms.

Yet, we can prevail out of the darkness as a renewed, loving creature, one that is stronger and ready to embrace a new state of our immortal existence.

The cusp is hidden with Cherries.


Source: Cusp

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