Phases of Unraveling 

Unravel your clothes and take me inside of your womb…

Others don’t see me but you do.

I can taste you on my lips and see you in my heart.

Can we share some time on the other side of the moon?

Others say it’s tragic how we entangle ourselves. Yet, we continuously unite in blissful conflict. Can’t you realize we are one?

You know you need me sometimes, as I need you. We balance our temptations as fierce opposers yet we remain true. You call me weakness and you cast me away as a filthy desire but you know our history.

Justice declares us hostile to change but you know better not to leave me. We need each other. Together from ashes of your suppression, we can rise triumphantly as a beautiful duality.

Love, Your Darkside

Source: Unravel

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