How to Enjoy The Journey of Life

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!– Bob Marley

It easy to get lost mindfully in turmoil or while enduring unpleasant situations. Sometimes life gives you tons of bricks to work with and well you can either start building something constructive out of them or stare at them as meaningless lumps of hardened clay.

Life is like a road because we travel through life as if we are on a journey and indeed we are. Our souls are inner selves travel in these shells of physical form experiencing this and that gaining information and learning about ourselves and others along the way. Each moment presents to us an opportunity to evaluate the now of time with meaningful acceptance whether that presents pleasant or unpleasant experiences.

The concept of acceptance goes far beyond tolerance it is a surrender to the ego and our inner willingness to learn and grow from every situation.

It is true that some people in unawareness or unconscious states behave in ways that are cruel and indifferent to others. What then do we do to react to such human brutality? Shall we Bury all the troublesome interactions that occur in our lives? The answer is no we revise these undesirable interactions with the use of our perception.

Firewalk-with-Fire-Power-SeminarsAn example of such switch in perception can be found in an ancient practice of fire-walking. Firewalking teaches beneficial lessons about the extraordinary power of the mind and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality.

In such tradition of walking on hot coals, the intention is to learn how to overcome the most extreme temperatures of heat with the power of one’s own thoughts and beliefs.

Firewalking is a prime example of how much inner strength we have as human beings to transform our reality by our thoughts and beliefs. Essentially someone can walk across hot coals such as in the practice of firewalking and not be buried or in many experiences achieve no long-lasting physical pain or critical damage to themselves.

Firewalking creates a traditional window into our great human potential to be powerful co-creators of our reality. Hence, symbolically speaking we can overcome the most fierce assaults with dignity and perseverance if we maintain a proper perception over our reality to rise move above and over it.

Apart from moving forward past the fire in that it being let’s say a symbol of our displeasing experiences we must first acknowledge its existence and its potential to cause great harm yet also that it too possesses the ability to allow us to come into our power. Stepping out into the path of pain offers its sting of walking on hot coals which such as enduring unlovely experiences in life but the potential for long-lasting physical damage dissipates with our persisted assumption of making it across our trial successfully and unscathed. Then with roaring confident stride, we can begin our journey across this vast painful scene with our altered perception and belief we can make it to the Otherside unhurt but victorious.

Our thoughts provide a window into our souls and often expand these imaginable projections out into our reality to be experienced.  Neville Goddard, Arthur and great teacher of ancient truths said it best when he stated,

An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact.

Life is truly what we make of it whether it be good bad or indifferent. The choice is ours.

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