Penchant Kings & Queens

do-what-you-loveOften times we can emerge attracted to what makes sense by our reason and then suddenly we come closer to desiring the fulfillment of a dream. This unshakable dream compels us daily to take hold of it to embrace a realm of uncertainty yet, delight. What then shall we do in this time of reflection? Some choose to leave these fantasy ideas behind these dreams of another life a new life where love abounds and they feel creatively free. Yet others take a differing quest and seek to capture their delight by reaching for their dreams no matter how difficult it may seem.

What then can be our motivation? Well, to do what gives us joy. Even if a practicing career is gloomy one can flourish their hobby in all its fullness of love and create through it. Creation comes in all forms as beings in this vast physical world. From a writer, carpenter, mechanic to even a chef every act first is birthed through our own wonderful human imagination. extraordinary vision has always been the necessary keys to unlocking potential realization and creating what we see in this physical world.

“...It is imagination which makes one a leader while the lack of it makes one a follower.”-Neville Goddard, Your Faith Is Your Fortune.

It would be sad then if we never grasped for our dreams and lived in an empty room of regret. So then Let us create together in love and charity believe in our dreams for ourselves. So we can sore doing what we love and loving what we do.


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