How to Get Rid of Tentative Emotions

Our Human emotions can take us on one heck of a rollercoaster ride. If we are not careful we can end up manifesting potentially miserable states by transmitting vibrational energy by the way of our feelings. As a result, a matching vibration travels back into our experience, as like attracts like. Hence, we want to handle our emotions with great care equally with the attention of our thoughts as both can be a very powerful source in generating our collective life experiences.

Sometimes we may not be certain which way to go and what way to turn. Our own inner intuition may be blocked which can really send our emotions all over the place as much as our thoughts may wander in succession. Emotional turmoil or uncertainty is a challenging state to endure and can often leave a person in despair and desperation for relief.

However, there ways we can recuperate from our tentative emotional states with finding clarity within. This clarity can be discovered by looking within to gather our thoughts and adjusting our feelings to match our desired objective.

Placed below are some helpful steps to take when you want to clear your energy and refocus your emotions to gain clarity on what to do next. This may take practice but if you’re truly aspiring towards conducting the inner work necessary to achieve a desired outer outcome it’ll be beneficial for you to make attempts to meditate.Mediation no matter how long can be a vibrant source in providing a solid fixed emotional state that associated with a stable form of belief can perpetuate the power of balance in pursuit of one’s endeavors.


Step One: Find a Quiet Place to Be Alone

Find a comfortable location to sit or to lay down flat make sure it is a place that you won’t be disturbed for at least 5-6mins.

Step Two: Close your eyes and Breathe

Take time to Breathe in and out slowly for at least 1 min. Feel your breath travel in and out your body. Feel your connection to your breath in unity with Source, Spirit, God, etc. and or to the outside world. Continue to breath allowing yourself to be present to embrace the now of time.

Try to clear your thoughts and just focus on your breathing.

Lastly, take in one deep breath and release.

Step Three: With your eyes close focus on the way you’re feeling. If you feel any tension with your eyes closed try to reach that point of emotional tension within yourself in your mind’s eye.

Step Four: Now with a deep Breath in and out we are going to release these emotions out to redirect ourselves.

Step Five: Center your thoughts on a preferred desire, wish fulfilled, or an enjoyable hobby that you find pleasurable. Capture the feeling of that thought by imagining yourself enjoying that event with all your senses.

Step Six: After this visualization clear your thoughts and continue breathing releasing the scene and feelings out as if we are covering planted seeds into the ground.

Step Seven: With your Eyes closed simply repeat, ” I am free.”

Open Your eyes and hopefully, you’ll be on your way to gaining inner peace.




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