Down Low Occupations


A kiss from you settles the heart into an intriguing riddle that only you know the answer to.


Why yes my dear and that riddle is divine can’t you see the spark in your own soul begging to be free?


Yes but…The task at hand is easier when you are close to me when I can feel you awaken my  Dubious threats of thought.


Then you are far from your goal now aren’t you? If you need me to awaken anything within you that you can’t easily awaken for yourself we must still be apart.


Alright, then I shall alone place my cascade…


Good.My dynamic tones await you, my love…


How Beautiful it all is making sense to me…Oh, Come now I gathered my own tune for us…


That’s it your magical Frey has captured the soul the essence of being does shine between us now.


YES! we are together at last. In harmony, we transcend time to delightful places in love we fill vibrations.


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