Bio About the Arthur: Naomi S. Gobern (Novonay)


FEB16 IMG_20160323_125349 (1)It was FALL, the dawn of the 198o’s and a baby girl was born. As the seasons blissfully changed she grew into a flourishing young female and graciously transitioned into womanhood. During all her changes one thing remained the same, her love for the Arts. Even as an infant she was her own piece of art, beautifully displaying innocence.

As time progressed she matured and realized her gift could not be suppressed nor forgotten.

Hence, in the midst of the dust and ashes of self-doubt, an ambitious quest emerged, which was to expressively convey her love for the ARTS, especially through her writings of poetry.

Taking inspiration from other famous poets such as William Blake, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, Pablo Neruda, and Shel Silverstein she creatively developed her own poetic style to convey messages. By cooperating nature into her dance of words her poetry and writings majestically formulates into a symphony of typology, that suddenly intertwines with each other into intriguing yet with, profound harmony.

When all is said and done this writer, artist, and life coach only wants to leave her gift in the minds and hearts of others inviting all come to appreciate the arts in their own way and perhaps even in their own creative combination of words too.


Jupiter Vibez is a site that offers interesting info on various topics. The Site was originally created in hopes of encouraging informational and artistic sharing to provoke meaningful thought on various topics. Jupiter Vibez also chronicles comments and posts by its creator  Naomi G a.k.a “NovoNay.” From Informational Writing Pieces, digital art sharing, to posted Poetry Jupiter Vibez offers a wide variety of reading entertainment for all.

Copyright info unless otherwise indicated, all written material appearing on this blog is the original copyrighted work of  Naomi S. Gobern and may not be republished or reproduced in any form without the express consent of the author. ©2017. All rights reserved.

To contact Naomi S. Gobern/Novonay, e-mail her at novonay@gmail.com


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovely message ,through poems and thoughts a hope might spring from the hearts and to put a smile on the faces.Thank you for following my blog.looking forward to read your new poems.Best wishes.Jalal

    1. Thank you very much jmsabbagh for your kind words glad you enjoyed reading my poems n posts:)smiles.I hope so too.I look forward to following your blog as well.Blessings to you.

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