Greatest Rock Riffs of all Time

  Oh…rock on. Sharing Music vibes Monday-Sunday. It’s amazing what musicians can do with a guitar. Music allows unique Creativity through Sound. Below is a random collection or list of some of the most iconic riffs of all time… Aerosmith, “Walk This Way” Deep Purple, “Smoke On The Water” … Michel Jackson, “Beat it” … Dire […]

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Finally A Film Featuring Wonder Woman

It has been a long time coming but finally, Wonder Woman film emerges in theaters joining many other super DC comic heroes that have graced the big screen over the past decade. Ever Since comic book character themed films have previously conveyed profitable gains production of superhero storylines to feature full-length movies don’t seem to […]

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Catapult of The Soul

    The death of an Action Movie Legend, Roger Moore aka 007 James Bond has passed away at age 89. Normally, I’m not one for personal posts simply because I normally prefer to let my art speak and well let my words bleed with my emotions even if they are masked. However today I had to take […]

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‘Cleopatra’ Series In The Works At Slingshot Global Media

‘Cleopatra’ Series In The Works At Slingshot Global Media. It seems a renewed depiction of Cleopatra will emerge from this new proposed Cleopatra Series. Cleopatra’s character will go beyond simply presenting her appeal as a gravitational seductress. In the past Cleopatra’s exclusive role highlighted her seductive alluring influence which, became the identifiable trademark of this renown historical figures […]

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‘Quantico’ Star Priyanka Chopra Thrilled To Be Part of “American TV Revolution” – TCA

Originally posted on Deadline:
 “I’m a huge fan of American TV – it feels like the golden phase of TV,” Quantico star Priyanka Chopra told journalists this morning at TCA. “I wanted to be part of that revolution,” Chopra gushed, quickly adding she had a holding deal with ABC at the time this series was…

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Humans TV Series

AMC channel once again finds a way of keeping TV entertainment alive with a brand new TV series called, Humans, debuting on June 2015.The series is produced jointly by AMC, Channel 4, and Kudos. Humans is a  British-American TV series written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley,which is originally based on a Swedish science fiction drama called, Real Humans.In this […]

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The Bube Tube?

It is abundantly clear now more than ever that with the  advancement of 21st century technology the once coveted “Bube Tube TV sets” are now nostalgically antique collection items. Yes, we may now know “bube tubes” are out of style and have been conveniently replaced by flat screen remote controlled TV sets, but the way we traditionally […]

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