Willy-nilly Dance

Willy-nilly bedazzled them all that day he went dancing in the rain not caring of what others thought of his playfulness. One passerby said in wonder.”What are you doing there Mr. Willy-nilly? Willy-nilly replied to the inquiry with a smile, “I’m living.”

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Dial Tones

August 4th, 1948 It wasn’t long before Margret entered the room asking me for the newspaper. I handed it to her as she sat down next to me on the living room couch. I wondered why she looked so distraught frisking through the paper like a mad woman on the hunt for details. Soon she stopped her […]

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Tower of Drama

It was a delight to see her every time we meet. We often would gaze into each other eyes for hours on end wondering what each other was thinking but never speaking much at all. Some nights were filled with more passion as we simply made love under the moonlight. In those moments of togetherness, […]

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Roots The Sequel

Act I, Scene I Near the Dark side of the New Moon. Upsetion and Warlock sit with each other on the ground as they begin to converse.                                                   Upsetion. It wasn’t fair now, was […]

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Fantasy Beyond the Grim Grillage

Morning struck its flimsy tale bringing with it fresh anticipation to start one’s day. Phantom clouds float briskly against the gray shield above. With each savoring moment the air runs still through the day’s optical illusion. Grenn opens her eyes to the tragedy in her mind. Laying still, though in distress, she rises to sit […]

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The Night’s Call

The night’s call is gentle and sweet. Whispering words flow freely from her lips.The darkness captures suggestive tones towards pleasure. Swiftly, a cool breeze enters the sizzling heat filled room. As the breeze settles within two bodies form impressions under drifting satin white sheets. The wind takes flight through the nearby window and swiftly caresses […]

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Just a Dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.” The darkness of the night calls for a quiet release to rest. A cold sweat envelops me as I appear to be in comfort, laying upon my bed.My eyes are closed indefinitely slightly swaying casually under my covering eyelids.My eyes wonder beneath my covering […]

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