Anticipate Living Fully

Sometimes the heart wants what the mind isn’t prepared to accept or vice versa. In these times of head and heart decisions, one attainable aspiration can emerge from this dilemma and that is the anticipation of living life fully. Motto: ‘This is my Life, get your own’  Hopefully, we can live out our days being the […]

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Natty’s Rise

It wasn’t so long ago that Natty was born. She grew out of the dust and ashes of a very turbulent war-torn place. Yet, with the will and determination, Natty emerged in all her creative glory to shine her imaginative transparency onto the wanting world stage. Every night in her dreams Natty practiced her goal of […]

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Adrift From You

The oceans know no bounds to the fury set in my heart. I go day and night longing for your sweet embrace. My cup offering infuses me with worry that you’ll leave and never come back. Now sorrow buries me lovesick. In my own wonderful imagination, we are united again traveling along the seasons in love. How vast is […]

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No Qualm No Foul

It’s like a storm that rages in the night but has nothing to do but to destroy whatever stands in its wake. What am I? Hate. Hate is destructive and makes lands turn into chaotic cesspools of manure. Yet, it is love that remains strong in the days’ where insolence rules. Love is productive and […]

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Thriving In Temporary Time-Outs

Sometimes it sucks to have to wait. Being a fire sign does not help when you’re told to be patient either. However, being patient and just waiting offers its own beneficial gifts no matter how annoying it seems to endure. Being patient allows us to stop, look, and listen. This forceful time-out and unwanted happening can […]

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Apprentice 2.0

It takes a moment before we seek each other in that place we call Love. Watching the craft of imagination in a continual series of the mind’s eye. We unfold together watching each other, learning, breathing and growing. Watering our seeds we unite on a journey together that evokes knowledge. Our deeds speak are motion […]

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