Offline Love

Weary souls are a living testimony of the endless means of recuperation from Love loss. If only we could re-bound from destruction as quickly as it comes on. Destiny is in our hands if we love as one and all for one. Why then should we even think of such things as unity and peace?  […]

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Happy Room

Stars aren’t us if we see a ferry like an ark taking us away from our dreams. Even in the midst of casual despair, our beautiful forms came in like a roaring lion cautiously secure and gentle like a dove. All of a sudden we came to realize that fate is not spoken in the area […]

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Down Low Occupations

Minor A kiss from you settles the heart into an intriguing riddle that only you know the answer to. Major Why yes my dear and that riddle is divine can’t you see the spark in your own soul begging to be free? Minor  Yes but…The task at hand is easier when you are close to […]

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The Woman By The Sea

The Woman By The Sea The gentle breeze glazed her smooth skin. She waited by the sea for her master. Hours passed and her master did not come. Sadness filled her heart before she began to be consumed with rage. Thoughts began racing through her mind of what could have happened to her master. if he lost his way or […]

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It was a cold winter when I remember the stillness of your breath. Wonders of the night creep in suddenly and its then that I blissfully take a long look at life in all its grandstanding allure. Every moment we unite is like a cradled dream in my imagination we are one, you and I. […]

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Understanding The Leaf of Life

Every moment is a time of reflection. Seasons pass without you and my soul cries. Wanting more than ever to be together again. You exist now in my mind’s eye. Your presence appears to me in the realm of imagination guiding me on my way. My hope is someday we will be united in love again to […]

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