Finally A Film Featuring Wonder Woman

It has been a long time coming but finally, Wonder Woman film emerges in theaters joining many other super DC comic heroes that have graced the big screen over the past decade. Ever Since comic book character themed films have previously conveyed profitable gains production of superhero storylines to feature full-length movies don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Hollywood is sill continuously consumed with bringing blockbuster comic book superheroes in all their fantastical glory to the big screen. Now, it seems all bets are on hoping Wonder Woman ticket sales will be just as grand as the superheroes that Hollywood continues to put on the big screen.

With giving another female superhero a chance on the big screen the film also was given a woman’s direct touch with exactly that a female Director, Patty Jerkins. Wonder women famed dc comic book heroine is played by Gal Gadot.

At any rate wonder woman, is a vibrant comic book character that has a long history in comic books and on American tv screens in time past. Wonder Woman and her lingering intrigue among comic book lovers and many others continue to this day that brings a brand new appreciation of well known multitask superiority to the bring screen.Below is a brief history of the Wonder Woman character and her emergence as one of the most well-known female superheroes of all time.



With a claim to fame in comic books and a brief TV stint in the 1970’s Wonder Woman now has time to shine on the big screen as the first ever wonder woman film to hit theaters worldwide. Already the Wonder Woman movie is making substantial profitable returns already achieving a 6.3 million tally in Asian markets. According to, Among its first international returns this week, Wonder Woman has earned $1.3 million in Taiwan, surpassing the openings of such superhero pics as Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, Thor and both Guardians of the Galaxy films, among others. In North Korea, it debuted to $1.2 million.

The Wonder Woman film is already anticipated to surpass her fellow female superhero big screen flops of Catwoman and Electra with potential projected returns on the film to reach $95 million.



Catapult of The Soul



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The death of an Action Movie Legend, Roger Moore aka 007 James Bond has passed away at age 89.

Normally, I’m not one for personal posts simply because I normally prefer to let my art speak and well let my words bleed with my emotions even if they are masked. However today I had to take the time to offer a nod of farewell to one of the most iconic actors, Roger Moore who is associated with one of my favorite movie franchises, 007.

Living 89 years is very extraordinary feet yet, still painful loss as his son reported via twitter.


From personal experience, I know how gut-wrenching losing a father can be especially one that has been very loving and influential.

There have been many actors who have picked up the James Bond 007 agents that held the mantle of Ian Flemming’s 007 characters on the big screen. In the span of 54 years of the film’s franchise, there have been 12 James Bond actors and over 26 movies made. Roger Moore was one of the memorable James Bond 007 agents that appeared as its leading man from 1973-1985. Each added their own flare and style to the part which made the series that much more intriguing for all these decades with its fans.

Each 007 James Bond Agent added their own flare and style to the part which made the 007 series that much more intriguing for its fans which have spanned for decades on the big screen.

Each 007 film packed a lot of great action and well women of course which controversially often participated as means to end but yet offered their own sex appeal and finesse to the series.

Overall, Roger Moore was a fantastic 007 and I’m sure from family members, friends and fans he will be missed. Rest In peace Roger Moore and may your soul travel well.



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In 1988, a film called, “They Live” was released.In the film the main character Nada played by, Roddy Pipper discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see that foreign alien entities have secretly taken over the earth.

The film, They Live is a work of fiction but the reality of its themes have reemerged in modern times in a surprisingly blatantly open way.Is this presence of Obey attire suggesting aliens do in fact live among us now as the film, They Live describes? Probably not, but propaganda sure does.

Within the story-line of the film all major forms of marketing to the populous display a secretly hidden message that aims to program the subconscious minds of the masses by using a simple word, Obey. Unknowingly, people were traveling about not knowing or seeing this direct command to them to submit. Walking among them also are strategically hidden alien beings oppressing and dominating the people. With the masses in a repressive trance to their domination the aliens continually to operate secretly suppressing any awakening of their evasion. That’s until Nada (Roddy Pipper) discovered those mysterious dark black sunglasses, put them on, and saw the truth.Hence, only with the glasses on can Nada clearly see the masked invasion of alien creatures and the hidden bombardment of stealth propaganda messages to, Obey all around him.

Now in reflection of this fictional yet, very telling story-line of the film, They Live there is a valuable sentiment to take from it.And that message is, Waking Up to the truth about the world around us and the corrupt systems meant to oppress humanities awareness and progress. People all around the world need to put those sunglasses on. Putting those dark black sunglasses on can be a viewed as a  metaphor for expanding our awareness, researching what’s happening, and admitting their is a global elite establishing a form of planetary tyranny.This is the best time ever to promote liberty and freedom everywhere. Its time for humanity to move in a productive positive way and break the chains of slavery.

The Mind Unleashed-When you Wake Up [Video Clip]



‘Quantico’ Star Priyanka Chopra Thrilled To Be Part of “American TV Revolution” – TCA

Indian Actress, Priyanka Chopra transitions to American TV with a break Out role on ‘Quantico.’ Interested in seeing this phenomenally good actress performance on ABC’s new show Quantico.

More importantly, it will also be intriguing to see if the content of the TV series Quantico will be successful after the initial pilot airing. Only time will tell if this TV show will be sustainable presence on TV and offer enough captivating writing & directing to keep viewers watching. We shall see.


 “I’m a huge fan of American TV – it feels like the golden phase of TV,” Quantico star Priyanka Chopra told journalists this morning at TCA.

“I wanted to be part of that revolution,” Chopra gushed, quickly adding she had a holding deal with ABC at the time this series was pitched to her.

2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 8“And, only thing I said to ABC was I wanted to do a show which gave me the respect of being an actor, instead of casting me for the color of my skin or what I look like,” said the Miss World pageant 2000 winner, who is reported to be one of Bollywood’s best-paid movie actresses.

Quantico revolves around a group of young recruits at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, VA (including Chopra’s Alex Parrish), one of whom is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on New York City since 9/11. The series, debuting September 27…

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Humans TV Series


Photo: Humans-AMC Network

AMC channel once again finds a way of keeping TV entertainment alive with a brand new TV series called, Humans, debuting on June 2015.The series is produced jointly by AMC, Channel 4, and Kudos. Humans is a  British-American TV series written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley,which is originally based on a Swedish science fiction drama called, Real Humans.In this particular series the story-line reveals an increasing integrated relationship between Humans and Machines or Robots.

The initial premise also reveals a potential technological paradigm of futuristic proportions, especially in regards to the gradual assimilation of advanced robotic machines being used exclusively by humans to complete tasks for work or pleasure.The setting is in present day suburban London where robotic gadgets are being used by the populous.These Robotic gadgets physically appear like humans and are called a,Synth.These Synths’ are increasingly being used by the human population to complete daily tasks.The series Humans in kind features a story-line around a suburban family who purchases a Synth to help them with their busy family. As the the story progresses thought the conflicting relationship between Humans and the use of their machines becomes more evident.

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Overall, the series Humans highlights the reality of  the gradual emergence of technology and its ability to possibly develop into its own unique life-form which, includes a sense of consciousness. As technology advances this series depicts a probable coming of age, ‘The Age of the Machines.’

The series also artistically proposes interesting propositions on the beneficial use of machines to complete daily tasks, yet also the onset of a gradual decrease in human participation within the labor workforce and what that means for the co-existence of the human race in general. It seems as humans become more widely dependent on machines for daily tasks the possibility of a shift of dominance of artificial intelligent also looms.This particular series exhibits an amazing scenario of that emerging story  foretelling this co-existence between Humans and Machines intermingled together as their relationship to one another becomes increasingly obscured. Humans airs on AMC Sunday’s at 9/8c.

The Bube Tube?

Family old tvIt is abundantly clear now more than ever that with the  advancement of 21st century technology the once coveted “Bube Tube TV sets” are now nostalgically antique collection items. Yes, we may now know “bube tubes” are out of style and have been conveniently replaced by flat screen remote controlled TV sets, but the way we traditionally use our television sets have also gradually changed as well. Ask the People whose TV antennas no longer work and now are unable to pick up TV channels.This gradual technological evolution continues to consistently invade our lives whether we like it or not. I myself will admit that I am fully emerged in this tech savvy generation not sole by choice but by necessity. Therefore, to me this topic of TV set technological evolution is worth attention and notation.

This new generation of techie smart phone carrying, laptop fixated,iPad navigating, moment to moment twitters, and Facebook junkies all crave an interactive interface where they can see what they want when they want to see it. From news, fashion tips, to on demand movies people want to control what they watch and when they want to watch it. Consumers want to interact with what they watch now. News Networks have already taken notice to these technological changes and have quickly begun creating Facebook and Twitter accounts in hopes of interacting more and more with their tech savvy audience.

Within the past two decades TV broadcasts ruled the realm of technology coming in second best, Home Computers. However, within recent years the emergence of desktop home computers, laptops, ipads, and smart phones the competition for attention officially began. Over time with more computer accessibility by consumers a boom in internet activity emerged producing the most innovative interactive sites in history, such as social network sites Myspace and Facebook. Also other types of interactive internet sites emerged such as YouTube, Hulu just to name a few began offering streaming video.As for free streaming video much has been written about the death of that once free service. Now many sites like YouTube are flooded with advertisements for profit. Other companies like Hulu which once offered free streaming video of television shows but now moderately inject brief commercial interruptions to their streams. Most recently Hulu also casually encourages users to obtain a premium subscription option package enabling viewers to watch a larger selection of TV shows and other streaming video content on demand. This comes with the realization that TV is no longer just a piece of technology used to transmit one way signals.

As time progresses we will see more of our TV sets intricately incorporating internet capabilities. The entertainment business is already beginning to realize the profitability of offering on demand streaming video by subscription. Take DVD distribution Giant Netflix now concentrating intensely on their internet streaming movie and TV show content which can be directly transmitted to our TV sets. If the consumers are there so will businesses that our  ready to make profits on any desired product. In reflection if you didn’t yet realize this the capitalist business market is all about “supply and demand.”

Capitalists leading in the market of Internet and TV collaboration have the best hope of keeping a step above any rival competition in the realm of consumer desirability. This tech savvy generation is moving forward demanding more out of their TV sets and favorite TV programs. Interaction with our tv sets and demand for the convenience of streaming video content anywhere is not going to end anytime soon. Its safe to say there is no turning back now.

Therefore, with the realization that “money speaks many languages,” once you have something with a big consumer following capitalists develop ways of exploiting it to generate more profits. However, they in defense simply follow the demand of what consumers enjoy then in turn charge them for a fee for services these consumers desperately desire. If A business fails to catch up like the once major entertainment contender “Blockbuster” they’ll merely fall to the waste side to bankruptcy or oblivion at this point.

However, with these developments you can kiss good-bye “lets just turn on the TV and watch what’s programmed.” People demand more out of their TV’s and Cable companies now. Competition between Television programming and the easy accessible information super highway must end and meet with collaboration or fail to exist at this point in technology. Sony has already introduced such an integration by marketing a Sony TV powered by google. For more information about this intriguing collaboration by Sony TV and google visit This tech savvy movement is here and here to stay. So memo to the entertainment business “Catch up or get left behind.”