Surviving to Thriving In Life

In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

                                                                                                                         ~ Albert Camus

Sometimes in life, we can face our bitter winter which more often than not offers a cold place of indifference that leads us to a place of despair, hard times, and often wondering what the hell is going on.

It’s on those bitterly bad days two options can appear, fight back with a will to survive or to take flight into the vicious cycle of entertaining negativity. Seems simple right? Before you think there is some source of magical negativity deflector you’ll have to find the nearest mirror and look at yourself first. We have to learn to be our own filter and deflector if we expect to rise above our winter ready to blossom when spring returns.

In this life, we have to learn to be our own filter and deflector of negativity if we expect to rise above our winter days with a determined readiness to blossom when our precious spring days return. Our hearts and inner core feelings can give us the powerful motivation needed to imagine the unseen as if it were seen and keep our hope of success alive.

Sure, thinking positive when you feel your being crushed emotionally seems bearable at first but as we often find out all that unbelievable inner self-talk fades when we don’t actually believe in our positive affirmations we are confessing over our circumstances.

Our words become empty of its formable power if they lack true authentic feelings behind them.

Therefore, we can gain bake our piloting power over our lives even when circumstances seem stacked against us. We can gain a very vibrant advantage to survive when we in love aspire to create a better outlook or vision for our outcomes. When we focus our attention on the glimmers of piercing light through the darkness it’s enough to keep us upbeat and hopeful for a brighter day and prosperous tomorrow.

It’s true Terrible things happen but when we embrace every part of our life experience as a journey and learn from every possible occurrence we can grow into from not only a surviving human being but a thriving soul.


Adrift From You

The oceans know no bounds to the fury set in my heart.

I go day and night longing for your sweet embrace. My cup offering infuses me with worry that you’ll leave and never come back. Now sorrow buries me lovesick.

In my own wonderful imagination, we are united again traveling along the seasons in love. How vast is the ocean of love that set a path for victory? Adrift You render me solid grazing along the waters with delight. Thinking of you makes me strong.

My heart races forth to reunite with you again. On that great day, when we gather into company our love will shine together once more and my soul will be in heaven.




Meditation and Healing

If you are carrying worries, unresolved issues, anger, hatred or other negative, low vibrational emotions, the result can lead to the development of a state of stress.

Stress biologically creates chemicals in your body that are actually useful to respond to stressful situations in a natural environment. During stress the immune system is turned off momentarily to allow more blood flow to muscles and other parts of the body needed to run or defend ourselves.

In our modern day lifestyle, this is not always a desirable response and many people do not respond well to the chemicals released during stress. The result is that the stress keeps on lingering, eventually turning into discomfort and disease.

Guided meditation is designed to release the stress and create feelings of higher vibrating emotions such as appreciation, relaxation, gratitude and love.

The subconscious mind is unable to discern between reality and imagination, this is a specialty of the conscious mind. Therefore as we meditate into a relaxed state our subconscious mind perceives these continual positive feelings as real and this will assist you to change your mood to a happy and relaxed mindset.

Hence, by remaining in a state of happiness and relaxation can result in improved inner peace and enhance an optimally functioning immune system and therefore enhance our body’s healing ability.

Click to start playing the meditationBreathing Anchor Meditation

Avoid the Quicksand


The power of our mind can attract what we dread or what we desire. Many of us spend time imagining dreadful worst case scenarios with all the realization our imagination can provide. From a sour conversation gone wrong to a rejection of a pursuit, we can defeat ourselves in what we think and feel to be true.

So Why do we often spend time creating by imagination on what we don’t want and end up feeling miserable?

The challenge then is to focus our divine creative power of imagination and think and feel our way into the state and circumstances we desire. Imagine the best case scenario. Feel it happening. Believe it is happening to you right you now.For time exists only now. In the nowness of time reject all the obstacles, barriers, and difficulties of your wish fulfilled and dwell in the end.


Working your mind to filter out negativity associated with obtaining your wish fulfilled can truly become a beneficial activity to practice. In training our mind to surrender with acceptance our preferred or desired state of existence we can live much happier. Once we cleanse our perspectives we can begin to utilize our creative power knowing nothing is impossible for the I Am of us.