Death And Silence

Death Death is the rude awakening of a more cynical approach to folly or is it? What if the tides of spiritual movement was that of an orchestrated kind and not of one rooted in sin? Without cause, we travel the bands of life’s luxuries searching for a cure when it is always within that space of […]

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Thank You

In the presence of the Autumn Season of Thanks and Harvest, I personally wanted to give thanks for all those who have taken the time to read this post and the many other writings on this blog. Its been a wonderful experience writing and displaying my creative muse on this digital platform. I definitely have […]

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Rising Above Adversity

How To Overcome  Self Doubt: It’s easy to allow one’s thoughts to consume the mind with doubts about a particular pursuit. All it takes is a very vivid imagination, repetitive powerful thought forms, and a stream of intense feelings associated with enacted scenes that facilitate the creation of our unwanted play of self-defeat. In fact, days can […]

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Anticipate Living Fully

Sometimes the heart wants what the mind isn’t prepared to accept or vice versa. In these times of head and heart decisions, one attainable aspiration can emerge from this dilemma and that is the anticipation of living life fully. Motto: ‘This is my Life, get your own’  Hopefully, we can live out our days being the […]

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