Listening to Your Heart

It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts that we often overlook what our heart is telling us. Thoughts, when associated with profound belief, seem more of a sure tangible fact.But what about our heart and feelings? Our feelings can often elude our dedication mainly when we don’t pay attention to it.

The heart the blood pumping organ within the human body that is often associated also with the core and life essence of our unseen being plays a very important role in manifesting our experiences.Believe it or not.

Through our feelings, we can sense harm, pleasure, or peace within which often helps guide us through our circumstances. It’s our feelings that permeate from the very core of being that vibrates high or low frequencies that disperse energy into varies outcomes depending on which we feed with attention. Our inner intuition is often excused though as mindless misdirected energy. However, the challenge is to begin to observe our feelings as taking a more primary role in our lives not as an enemy to our sanity but as our compass to the truth.

You may have experienced your feelings in intense ways and later as your experiences unfolded discovered that your feelings weren’t wrong. Even though logic did not assist in rendering the concrete evidence at the time it was your inner knowing that revealed the truth of your experience.

This connection to our inner intuition or feelings can be developed and nurtured.When we begin to trust our inner intuition we can begin to discover the truth about ourselves, others, and experiences.

Hence, it is very beneficial for us to take the time to exam our feelings. Your heart just could be telling us something so let’s take the time to listen.

How to Live A Happy Life

Letting go of toxic thoughts and feelings that don’t match up to what we truly desire is the first step to enjoying the life we prefer to experience.

After confronting our true feelings and releasing them we can then begin to embrace the thoughts and feelings we prefer in order to shape our reality into what we desire.

Hence, by shifting our perceptions of experiences and interactions we can reclaim our happiness. Below is a video about how to live a more happier fulfilling life. Namaste.

Looking In The Mirror

Sometimes we have a difficult time realizing that our encounters or experiences are outwards manifestations of our inner self-talk. However, if we realize the co-creators that we are that we are shaping our reality with our constant thoughts and feelings we can begin to take back our perspective and live happier and productive lives.

Each day brings its own gifts even those unpleasant interactions. How can this be? How can the most terrible circumstances be actually good? The good in the act or experience may be lacking but the bigger picture of its presence can end up being good for us. This is because challenges can bring better clarity about ourselves and about others. Even endings can bring its own benefits even though we often resist them and at the time of its sting can’t see that a newer more beneficial beginning awaits us once we let go.

At the end of each day, we have a choice to make then. We can wallow in self-pity re-enacting on repeat those vile unpleasant scenes of our day or past or we can choose to re-create our story. Bottom line we don’t have to live in a state of perpetual despair that is unless we want to. We can reflect purpose and productivity in a healthy positive way by confronting our unpleasant feelings and not denying or suppressing them. We can feel those unpleasant stings, pain, anger etc.

At the end of our day or in private meditation we can aspire to our creative power. This power shapes our reality.So, then now we develop into productive creators rather than a misguided, destroyer of our true desires.

In our moment of now, we can feel those unpleasant stings, pain, anger etc. Envision those interactions that brought you those feelings Embrace and confront every unpleasant feeling as you calmly reflect on your day or past. Then, now this is key, allow yourself to release those feelings out and away from your being. This is an intrinsic emotional release of those unpleasant stings that can block out what our heart really wants so by feeling and then releasing these unpleasant emotions is key to moving forward.

Now, take a deep breath and as you breathe out you can envision your painful emotion lifting and hopefully, it’ll lift from you as quickly as it came in. A sudden release may not happen although it most certainly can and will for some but with constant, repetition of this process you can overcome your painful emotions and begin to attract back to yourself what you desire to experience for yourself.

Removing or lifting away these feeling it’s wonderful you can now refocus your heart campus and now you can send out a heart frequency using our own wonderful human imagination and focus on our desires. So instead of imagining the drama of our unpleasant experience or interactions we are going to shift that focus onto what we want to see happen and feel it happening to us now. This is not about just watching a play in our minds either. With all our senses we will become the producer, director, and, actor or actress of our new story.

With our new story, we can begin to envelop that state of mind and feeling in which we truly prefer and not solely in the state in which we dread or that can lead us to perpetual misery. We don’t have to victims we can be creators and in turn live out our dreams. The choice is ours.©



All Natural Slimming Supplements

It’s a  New Year and if you also desire a new and improved body this list may help you reach that courageous goal of slimming down those pounds. With all the quick and easy gimmicks it’s easy to get desperate for instant results. Yet, with adding a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and the use of natural substances your final goal of a slimmer you can be that much more attainable. Below is a list of Natural Slimming substance you can make a part of your daily journey towards better health.

Ashwagandha Root: This is a traditional Indian herb that is believed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Commonly a naturopathy doctor will recommend 500-1,000 milligrams (mg) of this beneficial root twice a day.

Chromium: This is a mineral that supports insulin reduction. There are numerous studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers and others that detail that ingesting chromium supplements can stabilize blood sugar.

L-carnitine: Helps the body use fat for fuel or energy in a balanced way boosting energy before cardio strength training. Recommend levels  500-1,000 mg daily.

Omega-3 fatty acids: major and potent anti-inflammatory agents, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are associated with weight loss.

Prebiotics: Undigested fibers support good gut bacteria to stabilize the digestive system.

Probiotics: believed to promote and assist in healthy gut bacteria which enable food to metabolize food more efficacy.

Black seed Oil: This is a powerful ancient oil that helps reduce stubborn belly fat as well as a source of other natural benefits for improving digestion and asthma symptoms.


The Journey of Life Continues In 2017

“It’s always hard to deal with injuries mentally, but I like to think about it as a new beginning. I can’t change what happened, so the focus needs to go toward healing and coming back stronger than before.” – Carli Lloyd

In the vast world of uncertainties, one concept remains, choice. 2016 was a year that will live in infinity at least for me personally. It was a tough year of loss and uncertainty much of which took the time to process. Through the grief, pain, and unprecedented heartache, it took a dash of courage and unparalleled divine strength to rise and reach towards my creative destiny.

Every season has its perils and its joys but I’m just glad to enjoy the journey. In the silence as a hermit musing in solitude, lessons can be learned in fascinating ways that challenge the soul and awakens potential. As words of encouragement don’t be scared to confront yourself in the silence alone it may give you the clarity you’ve been searching for once you silence all the other voices that don’t really matter but the sound of your own.

It has been awhile since I took the time to write but it’s not the end of me. My dreams are too big for me to stop. My heart won’t let me give up. My imagination is coming more alive with wonderous adventures that I sense with all my being to already exist for me to experience. With hope as my guide, it is the beacon that keeps me content. Faith is the glue that keeps dreams or desires from wavering from the evidence that claims to declare the truth.Hence, it by faith we can claim down as our anchor and declare positon.

The lesson learned is we have a divine imprint for creativity which can ignite numerous possibilities. Belief is our gateway into our own perceptions. We can create the world we desire or the one we dread with within our own inner self-talk and vivid imagination. Hence, let us strive to be all we can be all we want to be for the betterment of all humanity.

Botton line, we can create the world we desire or the one we dread with within our own inner self-talk and vivid imagination. Hence, let us strive to be all we can be and all we want to be for the betterment of all humanity.

2017 New Beginnings…