The Power of Love

The power of love is an extraordinary achievement of the heart. In plain sight of all our emotional aspirations in between presents clear knowledge that in no other way can we realize our truth than to look deep within ourselves. Love offers clear knowledge that we can ultimately realize truth by looking deep within ourselves. With genuine […]

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In 1988, a film called, “They Live” was released.In the film the main character Nada played by, Roddy Pipper discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see that foreign alien entities have secretly taken over the earth. The film, They Live is a work of fiction but the reality of its themes have […]

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I Am…

The word is a picture of a universal undefined reality. Imagination at its peek. The general cause of a realization upon the earth can be the display of beauty or a reflection of profound ugliness brought about by the stains of human indifference. With the causes collected one can assume that the sentiments to endure […]

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The Light Within

  Looking around at the world,the hatred,mistreatment,war blood,abuse, homeless,and debt on the surface the world can look so gloomy, yet still I look deeper. I look deep within my heart, deep down within the innermost part of my soul and there I  catch that glimmer of hope. My hope ignites with fervor with seeing a […]

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