The Power of Love

The power of love is an extraordinary achievement of the heart. In plain sight of all our emotional aspirations in between presents clear knowledge that in no other way can we realize our truth than to look deep within ourselves.

Love offers clear knowledge that we can ultimately realize truth by looking deep within ourselves. With genuine introspection, our hearts can burst with joy as the establishment of an incrediable sense of delight emerges.  Infused with our passion Love ignites a fiery blaze of purpose and determination.

At its highs, love is sent and returned with fervent diligence to make a happiness a continual delight.Love’s resource is kindness at its core is selfless compassion. Humanity grasps at love because of its innovative power to create.Knowingly and unknowingly Love shines in the darkness propelling us to new heights.


The Beauty of Diversity

Our paths are many, even though our journey of life we experience is essentially the same. Respect for everyone’s personal views and practices is essential in maintaining a healthy productive society. We cannot let petty differences of ideology prevent us from maintaining a unified community; there are enough who would attack peace from the outside. Our diversity is our strength. Let our differences in viewpoints enrich us but never divide us upon ourselves. Humanity has an opportunity now more than ever to rise above indifference or perceptions of skin pigmentation and embrace love, peace and harmony to the benefit to society.



Obey collage jpg

In 1988, a film called, “They Live” was released.In the film the main character Nada played by, Roddy Pipper discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see that foreign alien entities have secretly taken over the earth.

The film, They Live is a work of fiction but the reality of its themes have reemerged in modern times in a surprisingly blatantly open way.Is this presence of Obey attire suggesting aliens do in fact live among us now as the film, They Live describes? Probably not, but propaganda sure does.

Within the story-line of the film all major forms of marketing to the populous display a secretly hidden message that aims to program the subconscious minds of the masses by using a simple word, Obey. Unknowingly, people were traveling about not knowing or seeing this direct command to them to submit. Walking among them also are strategically hidden alien beings oppressing and dominating the people. With the masses in a repressive trance to their domination the aliens continually to operate secretly suppressing any awakening of their evasion. That’s until Nada (Roddy Pipper) discovered those mysterious dark black sunglasses, put them on, and saw the truth.Hence, only with the glasses on can Nada clearly see the masked invasion of alien creatures and the hidden bombardment of stealth propaganda messages to, Obey all around him.

Now in reflection of this fictional yet, very telling story-line of the film, They Live there is a valuable sentiment to take from it.And that message is, Waking Up to the truth about the world around us and the corrupt systems meant to oppress humanities awareness and progress. People all around the world need to put those sunglasses on. Putting those dark black sunglasses on can be a viewed as a  metaphor for expanding our awareness, researching what’s happening, and admitting their is a global elite establishing a form of planetary tyranny.This is the best time ever to promote liberty and freedom everywhere. Its time for humanity to move in a productive positive way and break the chains of slavery.

The Mind Unleashed-When you Wake Up [Video Clip]



I Am…

The word is a picture of a universal undefined reality. Imagination at its peek. The general cause of a realization upon the earth can be the display of beauty or a reflection of profound ugliness brought about by the stains of human indifference.

With the causes collected one can assume that the sentiments to endure such human hardships is, love. Love defined as reality. The precipice of imagination united with harmonious tones of purity and delight.

A wish fulfilled, in feeling our achievement of manifestation from our intertwined consciousness and sub conscious desires. Rooted in a pure divine sequence relevant to the unity of our being. Spirals of our essence is our base of perfection. This life at its creative style and grace merging from our own wonderful human imagination.

Since, there is no call higher than the delight of our unity with togetherness we thrive. Our purpose then is to exist. As we exist we envelop this realm of the divine. A collective mass of love, peace, and harmony ensues with the delegation of persistence. Knowledge of the crescent substance of our pursuits project towards our collective bliss.

Our sovereignty in its essence is our supreme root. Our one call within. The inner luminous call to balance with the processional dance of existence. Tales of the stories of old serve as a guiding piece to our renewal. The seizure of truth. The truth found within our own frame of matter awakened by our spiritual universe within.

Pure loveliness our we then.We our departure from death our resurrection secure. Let us rise above indifference then. Let us rise above the systems that bind our intellect and restrict our knowledge of immortality.

The Light Within


Helping_the_homeless (2)

Looking around at the world,the hatred,mistreatment,war blood,abuse, homeless,and debt on the surface the world can look so gloomy, yet still I look deeper. I look deep within my heart, deep down within the innermost part of my soul and there I  catch that glimmer of hope.

My hope ignites with fervor with seeing a boy helping an elderly person cross the road, A woman offering food to those stricken in poverty, or a person  taking five minutes of their time to keep a homeless person company as they usually are lonely. This is where hope catches me. In the witness of these loving compassionate acts this is what inspires me with idea’s and a new way of thinking feeling.

Peace and Blessings to all. May the luminous great spirit within guide you to a wonderful existence of peace, love, and harmony this Holiday Season and always.