How to Enjoy The Road of Life

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!– Bob Marley

It easy to get lost mindfully in turmoil or while enduring unpleasant situations. Sometimes life gives you tons of bricks to work with and well you can either start building something constructive out of them or stare at them as meaningless lumps of hardened clay.

Life is like a road because we travel through life as if we are on a journey and indeed we are. Our souls are inner selves travel in these shells of physical form experiencing this and that gaining information and learning about ourselves and others along the way. Each moment presents to us an opportunity to evaluate the now of time with meaningful acceptance whether that presents pleasant or unpleasant experiences.

The concept of acceptance goes far beyond tolerance it is a surrender to the ego and our inner willingness to learn and grow from every situation.

It is true that some people in unawareness or unconscious states behave in ways that are cruel and indifferent to others. What then do we do to react to such human brutality? Shall we Bury all the troublesome interactions that occur in our lives? The answer is no we revise these undesirable interactions with the use of our perception.

Firewalk-with-Fire-Power-SeminarsAn example of such switch in perception can be found in an ancient practice of fire-walking. Firewalking teaches beneficial lessons about the extraordinary power of the mind and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality.

In such tradition of walking on hot coals, the intention is to learn how to overcome the most extreme temperatures of heat with the power of one’s own thoughts and beliefs.

Firewalking is a prime example of how much inner strength we have as human beings to transform our reality by our thoughts and beliefs. Essentially someone can walk across hot coals such as in the practice of firewalking and not be buried or in many experiences achieve no long-lasting physical pain or critical damage to themselves.

Firewalking creates a traditional window into our great human potential to be powerful co-creators of our reality. Hence, symbolically speaking we can overcome the most fierce assaults with dignity and perseverance if we maintain a proper perception over our reality to rise move above and over it.

Apart from moving forward past the fire in that it being let’s say a symbol of our displeasing experiences we must first acknowledge its existence and its potential to cause great harm yet also that it too possesses the ability to allow us to come into our power. Stepping out into the path of pain offers its sting of walking on hot coals which such as enduring unlovely experiences in life but the potential for long-lasting physical damage dissipates with our persisted assumption of making it across our trial successfully and unscathed. Then with roaring confident stride, we can begin our journey across this vast painful scene with our altered perception and belief we can make it to the Otherside unhurt but victorious.

Our thoughts provide a window into our souls and often expand these imaginable projections out into our reality to be experienced.  Neville Goddard, Arthur and great teacher of ancient truths said it best when he stated,

An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact.

Life is truly what we make of it whether it be good bad or indifferent. The choice is ours.

The Cross and The Crums

The frequency of sound becomes most valuable to those who take the time to understand its purpose.

Life can be tragically beautiful. The dichotomy of the bittersweet essence of life is definitely worth summarizing into one glorious experience. It is difficult to endure unpleasant experiences as our most holy cross but it is in these moments of persecution we learn the victorious effects of divine transformation.

Each season lays down its cross of travel on a cosmic scale as well as below within our own experiences. Death loses its sting once we realize the immortality of our eternal souls. The waxing and waning of life which can often include pain and suffering all serve its purpose to either destroy us or make us stronger than ever.

We travel to one state of being to another with divine grace united with our most fervent desires we realize that we are the director of our lives. When we accept our power of being co-creators we can transform our lives. Taking the step we are guided to take can enable us to enter into our desired states in a more collaborative way.

Actions have a way of speaking volumes.

phoenix-1440452_640Rising like the phoenix from the dust and ashes of our past to unite with our preferred desired state offers an opportunity to experience victory. Yet, often it’s those pesky lingering crumbs or ashes left after we emerge from the cross to our new resurrected selves that a proper shaking off is most often in order. Shaking off every lingering energy that no longer serves us can allow us to soar above our circumstances towards a glorious existence.

Releasing the energy from our past allows us an opportunity to grow and thrive into any new beginning that is set before us. Once all past negative energy is burned away from our souls we can extend our wings with ferocity into the breeze ready to embrace all that life has to offer us.So there are distinct paths available to us to travel through life spiritual speaking whether that be a victim or victor.We can travel through life defeated or we can choose to embrace life in all its twists and turns with determination and diligence. The choice is ours.

So even in our most challenging moments of remembrance, there are set paths available for us to travel through life whether that be a victim or victor.Hence, we can journey through life defeated or we can choose to embrace life in all its twists and turns with determination and diligence. The choice is ours.

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Cheers! To The “Crazy Ones”

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
― Rob Siltanenpaper-2104833_640

Surviving to Thriving In Life

In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

                                                                                                                         ~ Albert Camus

Sometimes in life, we can face our bitter winter which more often than not offers a cold place of indifference that leads us to a place of despair, hard times, and often wondering what the hell is going on.

It’s on those bitterly bad days two options can appear, fight back with a will to survive or to take flight into the vicious cycle of entertaining negativity. Seems simple right? Before you think there is some source of magical negativity deflector you’ll have to find the nearest mirror and look at yourself first. We have to learn to be our own filter and deflector if we expect to rise above our winter ready to blossom when spring returns.

In this life, we have to learn to be our own filter and deflector of negativity if we expect to rise above our winter days with a determined readiness to blossom when our precious spring days return. Our hearts and inner core feelings can give us the powerful motivation needed to imagine the unseen as if it were seen and keep our hope of success alive.

Sure, thinking positive when you feel your being crushed emotionally seems bearable at first but as we often find out all that unbelievable inner self-talk fades when we don’t actually believe in our positive affirmations we are confessing over our circumstances.

Our words become empty of its formable power if they lack true authentic feelings behind them.

Therefore, we can gain bake our piloting power over our lives even when circumstances seem stacked against us. We can gain a very vibrant advantage to survive when we in love aspire to create a better outlook or vision for our outcomes. When we focus our attention on the glimmers of piercing light through the darkness it’s enough to keep us upbeat and hopeful for a brighter day and prosperous tomorrow.

It’s true Terrible things happen but when we embrace every part of our life experience as a journey and learn from every possible occurrence we can grow into from not only a surviving human being but a thriving soul.


Thriving In Temporary Time-Outs

Sometimes it sucks to have to wait. Being a fire sign does not help when you’re told to be patient either. However, being patient and just waiting offers its own beneficial gifts no matter how annoying it seems to endure.

Being patient allows us to stop, look, and listen. This forceful time-out and unwanted happening can be a gift from the universe believe it or not. By using this sudden pause to our momentum we have time to go within and notice life for what it is, Life.

We often can move so fast that we forget to milk our forceful pause for all its worth and notice it as an opportunity to gain inner clarity and observe the world around us.

The world offers lots of distractions and technology doesn’t make it any easier. The constant desire for stimulation can make silent pregnant pauses awkward and unwanted. Yet, we can take the time we are called to be patient to channel our angry energy of our hold-up and use it in a productive way where we can search within our souls to dwell in peace.

By confronting ourselves in these moments of delay we have a unique opportunity to can gain further clarity about ourselves and our situation.

It’s in the stillness of time in the arms of patience we can learn and discover more about ourselves and of those around us.

We have an opportunity to learn and grow in these moments where it seems all is lost and time isn’t on our side. For, in fact, everything exists within the now of time. For it’s in the now of time where life takes on its play and allows us to steadily embrace every moment of our lives. We can also begin to cherish these moments of pause as a beneficial experience.

This is no easy task and not for the faint of heart. But with practice, we can gain an appreciation of these moments where we are called to be patient by embracing every formation of our day and seeing a temporary universal pause to be patient as a gift, not a curse.


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Letting go of Control

Letting go of control can be one of the most difficult aspirations in life. When we finally decided to give up control and allow situations to take its natural course into our reality we can begin to live in more content states of being.

This is not to say that we must neglect to participate in life as creators of our reality but a plea to let go once we plant those seeds of our wish fulfilled so we can live happier productive lives.

It can be stressful trying to handle those minor details that at the time seem major so major in fact we stress over them almost having a mental tennis match bouncing various dreadful outcomes that may occur through are a lack of overbearing influence into a particular sitiatuion.

Bottom line we set the pace and after our creative act, we must let go and allow the universe to do the rest of the “work” as in rendering back what we have placed into the felid of energy via thoughts and feelings.

Below are a brief helping statement and mental exercise you can say or do to yourself if or when you feel as though you think you can do a better job at hashing out the details better than the divine universe can to bring about your desired state.

Today I surrender all the details associated with having my wish fullfilled. I trust in the divine universe, source or, God etc. to render into my realm of reality all that I desire. 

Take a moment now to breathe. Close your eyes if you like. Breathe in and out slowly and attempt to center yourself. Let go of all the potentially stressful thoughts or feelings associated with trying to force your desire. Release your yearning and believe it is already in the works and being arranged to your benefit as planned even if you can not see it happening.

Once you finished breathing and briefly entering into a state of calmness slowly repeat or say inwardly to yourself…

I shall ignore all evidence of the obstacles, barriers, or difficulties associated with my wish fulfilled.This or something better is possible for me. I release all doubt, fear, or impatience in regards to my desire.  Everything is as it meant to be for me today to experience.

This or something better is possible for me. I release all doubt, fear, or impatience in regards to my desire.  Everything is as it meant to be for me today to experience.

I release all doubt, fear, or impatience in regards to my desire.  Everything is meant to be for me today to experience.

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Blindly Prompting

All is well in the world or so we think. They say the blind lead the blind but is this really so? I often think of life as rose blooming in the wind and then suddenly it curls rolls over and falls back to the ground it once came from. O’ the thorns that brace our stream of truth. Even the thorns take us for a ride to unpleasant guarded souls. However, our thorns heighten our beauty and we make the kind of rose of life.

Often then we see the day as a boss.But who are we? Are we the child or the guide? Often we see ourselves as the one, not in acting power but a participate to the truth we are unaware of hence, the blinding. Awaking hearts are but one substance

Awaking hearts are but one substance to our journey on this path called life. We seize the day knowing that we are called to a higher purpose even if we don’t admit it to be so. The journey foresees us in a valiant way as prosperous muses unaware of our inner power to ignite flames of creativity in a world where imagination is seen as child’s play. O the logic that sweet jest of logic carries us so far its infinite quality is contained in the thoughtless fight to maintain power over the will.

brain-2062057_640Then where is our imagination? Is it blind to the awaking to our souls? I surely hope not. Let’s free our imagination loose within and see how far our minds extend to areas of the unknown and discover how lovely our those areas. I see a day of refuge from the task master, Reason that merely extends a subtle nudge to the abyss of folly and ridiculing of others who play the arts as a jolly instrument to ignite their truthful expression. I don’t know of any other way to be true but to be true to myself and to others about the folly of diving into the blind pools of reason only to find limitations. I seek to be free. Do you? 

Ask yourself are you better today than yesterday? If yesterday were today would you be free? The day is not certain but the now is. I call upon you to be free and to live free as a bird in the sky that flies towards its target and destination. Seize the day and don’t let it seize you.

The definite is in the infinite and lost souls find themselves with dark hearts. Dark hearts, as in the lack of loveable intuition that guides them to the truth of all that is lovely and true. It is a beauty to be in search of the power within in that day we shall all rejoice that we have found an enduring truth that all along we had the power within to take back our unity to be one and to live free.

All in all the day has come and we shall overcome our doubts, fears, and expectations with fierce uncertainty boiled over with the truth of our time.doubt-479567_640

Yet, casting away doubt is our only way to be free and seek the truth that remains within our own souls. Letting go of disaster and taking care of one another in kind is where justice and truth lay together in a passionate almost sexual spot. Our unity together is divine and so are we. In a way of transgression, we see the truth laying bare our pride and lack of motivation to take on our own muses and seek to take the power of our oppression that seeks to distinguish our life force. rose-532458_640

So what then shall we call this here life? Shall we call it a merely bearable muse? Well, then it is like a rose of our choosing one that is filled with thorns. Yet, the beauty of our rose remains all the same and the life we choose is just the way it goes.

The cost of it all is very imaginable in if not in the near absence of impeccable just causes. We relate to one another as a friend. But are we really when the day is through dashing us to the floor of our truth? My reply is, yes. It is there in the lost embrace that we discover that we are all one and the same separate yet, apart of a greater good to unite our existence with that of a loving productive muse of our own wonderful human imagination.


If all our days are spent in misery how will we succeed? We have to choose to be the friend or foe to all that threaten to create madness in the world. However, hopefully, harmony is the justice of the plane we prefer. All seek to know but do they really find what they are looking for? I see it. It’s in you, it’s in me, it’s in all.

Source: Blindly