Happy Room

Stars aren’t us if we see a ferry like an ark taking us away from our dreams. Even in the midst of casual despair, our beautiful forms came in like a roaring lion cautiously secure and gentle like a dove. All of a sudden we came to realize that fate is not spoken in the area […]

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It was a cold winter when I remember the stillness of your breath. Wonders of the night creep in suddenly and its then that I blissfully take a long look at life in all its grandstanding allure. Every moment we unite is like a cradled dream in my imagination we are one, you and I. […]

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Sweet & Tender

Tender love with care how lovely it is to share. A lovers muse is satisfaction in that same cause a loving throb is a heartbeat away from irresistible attraction. It is sweet centered a tender touch of the spiritual kind. That emotional tie that entangles the soul into wanting more. That thirst for delight lingers in […]

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Bittersweet Reels

The taste of remorse fills her tongue with the cold harsh truth. Every day seems to sour after her twin flame of tomorrow. Weeping her spirit cries, “Why can’t we be together again?” The memory returns it was the hour of time when the truth ran free only to be caught and covered up with […]

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Spike Me

All the words in the world wouldn’t do my spike justice. That drink with the yum and the delightful kick yeah that’s my flavor. It cost me sorrow but I redeemed myself in the light of the day and within the center of my soul where love lives. So…I sip, I dance, I spike. Out my victory, […]

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FAQ About Chuckle

The best is yet to come they say… The bounty is there but where are the spoils? In the darkest of days, minds ponder what the heart already knows.In the fool’s mind, each cherished night casts the light of the moon to guide the way to our sustainable illumination. In the fool’s mind, each cherished […]

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