Dial Tones

August 4th, 1948 It wasn’t long before Margret entered the room asking me for the newspaper. I handed it to her as she sat down next to me on the living room couch. I wondered why she looked so distraught frisking through the paper like a mad woman on the hunt for details. Soon she stopped her […]

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Fantasy Beyond the Grim Grillage

Morning struck its flimsy tale bringing with it fresh anticipation to start one’s day. Phantom clouds float briskly against the gray shield above. With each savoring moment the air runs still through the day’s optical illusion. Grenn opens her eyes to the tragedy in her mind. Laying still, though in distress, she rises to sit […]

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Humans TV Series

AMC channel once again finds a way of keeping TV entertainment alive with a brand new TV series called, Humans, debuting on June 2015.The series is produced jointly by AMC, Channel 4, and Kudos. Humans is a  British-American TV series written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley,which is originally based on a Swedish science fiction drama called, Real Humans.In this […]

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Justice vs. Tyranny

In the a land once free and beautiful, tyranny persists to unravel the republic of the land with deceit and cruelty. Debbie reflects with Justice by her side the terror of watching all liberty abandoned in the land for acceptance of collective oppressive regime by its subjects. With tear filled eyes Debbie slips into a […]

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