Anticipate Living Fully

Sometimes the heart wants what the mind isn’t prepared to accept or vice versa. In these times of head and heart decisions, one attainable aspiration can emerge from this dilemma and that is the anticipation of living life fully. Motto: ‘This is my Life, get your own’  Hopefully, we can live out our days being the […]

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Dial Tones

August 4th, 1948 It wasn’t long before Margret entered the room asking me for the newspaper. I handed it to her as she sat down next to me on the living room couch. I wondered why she looked so distraught frisking through the paper like a mad woman on the hunt for details. Soon she stopped her […]

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Caper’s Dance Muse

The beauty of the Art of Dance can be such a dramatically profound creative power that it can move the depths of the human soul through the tremendous medium of feeling.   We giggled in the sunlight rays wanting nothing more than to make each other laugh with our moves.   Sound asleep our bodies caper in our […]

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Collaboration Vs. Opposition 

The roses that bloom in the Spring are as vibrant as the winter snow, all is in preparation for illustrious summer days. When the rain comes flooding down it also works is in collaboration with the earth. As the Earth sings its delight the rain penetrates its gift into the ground. The plants too rejoice as nature takes […]

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FAQ About Chuckle

The best is yet to come they say… The bounty is there but where are the spoils? In the darkest of days, minds ponder what the heart already knows.In the fool’s mind, each cherished night casts the light of the moon to guide the way to our sustainable illumination. In the fool’s mind, each cherished […]

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Phases of Unraveling 

Unravel your clothes and take me inside of your womb… Others don’t see me but you do. I can taste you on my lips and see you in my heart. Can we share some time on the other side of the moon? Others say it’s tragic how we entangle ourselves. Yet, we continuously unite in […]

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